Inspirational Women: Carrie Longton, Co-Founder of Mumsnet

Up and Go Girls

By Emma Obank 

Last year I was given the following career advice: “write to the person who is doing what you want to do best and ask them for five minutes of their time. The worst that can happen is that they say no!”. The person who spoke these wise words was none other than Carrie Longton, the co-founder of parenting site, Mumsnet. Little did Carrie know that she was in fact the person who has successfully achieved the goals that we aspire to reach here at Up & Go Girls!.

Established in the wake of the new millennium after the other half of Mumsnet Justine Roberts returned from a stressful first family holiday, the site has rapidly become one of the most influential social networking websites for women in the UK. There aren’t many who haven’t heard its name, with a whopping ten million mums and dads tapping…

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